15 Delicious Winter Recipes

The cold months are here and it’s time get cosy in the evenings near the fire and enjoy those warming, tasty Winter dishes or sample some delicious, healthier dishes after the festive excesses.

We thought we’d share with you some Winter dishes we’ve seen on our social feeds (and some of our posts) to hopefully inspire you to give some of them a go.


Persian Lamb Tagine – BBC Good Food – Justin Pattison – as we’ve said previously on our blog, we love the sound of these Middle Eastern style dishes and would like to experiment more with them.  This recipe sounds fantastic, but will take a little more effort and is not a quick dish.

Homemade Lasagne – Sophisticated Homes – this is always a favourite with us as warming comfort food, so great to have in your repertoire at this time of year.  It may take a little while to prepare, but well worth it.

Chicken, Leek, Bacon And Thyme Pie – Delicious Magazine – this is another classic that would be great at this time of year.  The lemon thyme and grainy mustard sounds like it will give it extra little twist and lift.

Complete Menus


5 Winter Dishes To Warm Your Cockles – Gordon Ramsey – 5 in one here!

  • Roasted Tomato Soup with Welsh Rarebit – When we first saw this and the first recipe started, we thought: would you really put that much effort in to make tomato soup?  But as he started making it and added the sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, cayenne pepper for a little heat and Parmesan, it sounded so delicious, we had to share it. The Welsh Rstebit looks like a delicious adult version of the classic with a rich mature cheese, beer and worchester sauce as ingredients.
  • Simple Beef Brisket – slow cooked, tender beef………what’s not to like.
  • Spiced Rice Pudding – once again an adult version on a classic dish that has a few spiced twists (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom) to add more depth to the recipe.
  • Shepherd’s Pie –  a nice version of the classic that focuses on getting the best out of the lamb mince in the dish.  The addition of thyme, rosemary, worchester sauce, red wine and chicken stock to the mince, make its sounds fantastic.
  • Apple Crumble – making the caramel/ Apple purée and adding cranberries with a bit of lemon juice to the dish gives this a lovely twist.  Also, the addition of muesli to the crumble sounds interesting.

Healthier Options

German Potato Salad – All Recipes – this sounds great and slightly different to the usual recipe of smothering the potatoes in loads of mayonnaise (uses stock, oil and vinegar instead), so fits into being a little bit healthier around this time.

Porridge With Dried Fruit And Honey – this a really simple breakfast we are enjoying at the moment in the cold weather.  It’s healthy, warming and has a low GI, so keeps you full for longer.  It’s extremely simple with basically just adding milk to porridge oats and heating until thick and creamy.  We’ve been adding raisins with the honey, but you could use any dried fruit you fancied.


Healthy Black Bean Soup – Jamie Oliver – healthy does not have to mean dull and flavourless dishes.  This sounds super tasty with a kick to warm you in the Winter months.

Winter Salad Recipes – The Telegraph Food And Drink – this is a selection of great salads that sound so tasty and are so far away from what you would call a “boring” salad.

  • Pheasant, radicchio, pomegranate and chestnut salad – this is best served warm and just love the sound of the game flavours with the chestnuts and pomegranate.
  •  Fennel, orange, anchovy and olive salad – this sounds so simple, tasty and interesting.  We do not have a lot of anchovies, but would like to try them in this to add the salty kick.
  • Stilton, pear, walnut and Treviso salad – another simple, but tasty salad that will be salty from the Stilton with a juicy pear finish.
  • Celery and bottarga salad – to be honest, we didn’t know what bottarga was (salted cured fish roe).  Sounds very interesting and different although I’m not sure how easy it is to get hold of the bottarga.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our recipes and the ones we’ve found for this post.  Please share with friends and give some of the recipes a try.

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