Simple Christmas Touches

One of our favourite times of the year is nearly here, filled with family get togethers, lovely food, games and beautiful decorations.

We thought we’d share a few simple touches that we like to do at Christmas to make this time feel extra cosy and special.


We love Christmas lights and having lots scattered around the house.  We feel they add the warm, subtle glow in your rooms that our lamps and lampshade also give, but with as there are more at this time, it’s even cosier than usual.

  • Framing features with fairy lights makes for a great focal point and gives the whole house a warm Christmas touch.



  • We also like to add a few decorations in our daughters bedroom.  She always has and her pink tree, which she likes to decorate herself.



We do have candles throughout the year, but the special Christmas ones come out in force at this time and get used far more often, giving even more of that soft, cosy lighting with the addition of beautifully seasonal spiced scents.

  • We always look to for decorative and beautifully scented candles. One of the ones we’ve bought this year, we are not sure if we want to burn it!


Fun Decorations

  • We try to add a few slightly different decorations around the house other than your usual glittery baubles or tinsel to add  more interest and variety.


  • Saying that, we still like mixing up the slightly different decorations with the old favourites.  Rodney (the Reindeer) always has an airing this time of year.


Homemade Special Treats

We always try to have homemade treats at Christmas that we do not usually have to create more of an occassion.

  • This year we are having biscotti biscuits in a (Aff link) Kilner Universal Storage Jar, Clear, 0.85 Litre sitting in the kitchen and on the dinner table to dip into when you fancy or with coffee after the big meal.
  • Every year at this time we always make pickled onions (Homemade Garlic Pickled Onions), pickled cabbage or sloe gin.  They’re not the hardest things to make,  but as they were made by us for Christmas it always adds a little talking point and special moment when family and friends try them.


  • We feel homemade mince pies always taste better than shop bought.  We always make them (now with the help of our daughter) in the week leading up to Christmas.
  • We are also this making a homemade cranberry and apple sauce from a Gordon Ramsey recipe to go with the big meal.

We believe with just a few simple touches here and there can add so much more to the whole feel of your Christmas holiday.

Please share any simple touches you use to make this season feel extra special. Hope you have a great Christmas.

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