Top Recipes For Christmas

Slightly different this month as we are going to share the great Christmas recipes we’ve seen on our social media channels this month. We’ve also posted it a little earlier to give you opportunity to try any of the recipes below for the festive period.

Sweetco0kiepe – these look so cool and tasty.  Something we can bake and make a mess with our daughter leading up to Christmas.


Herbed Baked Brie – Bon Appetit Magazine – seems quite a simple recipe, but a nice little twist and very tasty.  Nice party food idea.

Nigel Slater – Sitlton Puffs – we love Nigel Slater’s great home cooking dishes.  This looks like a very simple, tasty party nibble.

Joe Trivelli’s Italian Christmas Recipes – The Guardian Fodd & Drink  – this is five recipes in one and they sound amazing and something different for this time of year.  We especially like the antipasto brussel sprouts in oil with the mild horseradish, chillis and the slow roasted stuffed duck, but the winner though has to be the Sorbetto al caffè corretto – a double espresso, milt leaves, icing sugar, water and grappa.

Jamie Oliver – Fail-Safe Gravy For Christmas Dinner – we’ve seen this a couple of times now and think we’re going to try it this year.  A bit of work, but for the special day meal, well worth it.  Sounds great.  We think tasty gravy can really lift a meal.


How To Make Perfect Yorkshire Puddings – Sophisticated Homes – we thought we’d add our Yorkshire Pudding recipe as we think they are really tasty and a great accompaniment to the big meal.

The Best Roast Potatoes – Sophisticated Homes – again, these will be a great addition to the big meal at Christmas.  We’ve also recently found that beef dripping can be used instead of goose fat in the recipe and still get great result and is much cheaper to buy.

Gordon Ramsey – Cranberry and Apple Sauce – this sounds delicious and relative simple to do to add flavour to the turkey.  As Gordon says: a good sauce can really lift a meal.

Delicious Magazine – Christmas Pancakes – this one sounds different, if not a little bonkers, but would like to give it a try for Boxing Day breakfast.

Hope you like these recipes and get to try or share them with friends and family this Christmas.

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