Simple Ways To Fill An Ugly, Blank Wall

Since decorating our hallway (5 Ways To Brighten A Dark Hallway) it has left an ugly blank wall that needed to be filled

We’d thought we’d share a few quick, simple ways we’ve used to fill this space to make the it feel more homely, cosy and interesting.



  • We wanted a mirror to bounce some additional light around the dark hallway and we also feel it’s a useful place to have one in the house.
  • We went for a crackle glass framed mirror (to bounce even more light around) from Blue Goose for £100


Radiator Cover

  • We know that there are some disadvantages of having a these in terms of efficiency (can drop by around 20%), but we wanted to hide the ugly radiator and create space to place a lamp and a few ornaments.
  • We got the radiator cover from B&Q for £80

For more information on whether radiator covers do effect heat output, please click in the below links.

Radiator covers – Money Saving Expert Forum
Do Radiator Covers Lose Heat Efficiency? – The Telegraph


  • We always prefer this way of lighting a room than the direct overhead main lights. We feel it’s more subtle and creates a cosier feel to a room.
  • This lamp is from Next and cost £25.



    • We wanted to put a few things on the shelf that radiator cover created to make it look more interesting. We didn’t want to overload it or crowd it with things as the hallway is quite narrow and it may make it feel small.
    • We went for a few glass pieces to keep it simple and light, but still give a little bit of colour.
    • We got the ornaments from Next for £12 for the vase and £8 for the paper weight. 


    So, just adding a few simple elements can transform a ugly, blank wall and make the whole room feel cosier, more homely and interesting.


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