Top Recipes In October

It’s that time again to collate and share all the best recipes we’ve found this month that hopefully grab your attention (as they did ours) and inspire you to give them a try.

As always, we’ve deliberated over them with a glass or two and discussed that we will (at some point) get round to making a few recipe reviews of some of the dishes in this and previous months.

Parmesan Brussel Sprouts – Damn Delicious – With Christmas hurtling its way towards us, this idea is one to try.  Love the idea of the panko crumb over them.

Broccoli And Cauliflower Cheese With Bacon – Our quick and simple side dish had to go into this month’s best recipes as we love it so much.  Could combine this with the recipe above for great accompaniments to main dishes.

Gratinated Mussels – Eat Like A Girl – As we’ve stated before, we are not big eaters of mussels and oysters, but with finding recipes like this one, we are wondering why we do not have them more often.

Roast Lamb With Cauliflower Couscous – Delicious Australia/ Jason Atherton – While we are not always fans of making healthier versions of dishes that we love.  This one looks great and relatively simple to do.

Aubergine Lasagne – Jamie Oliver – We do love our meat in recipes, but we are keen to try to eat less of it, especially red meat, so this recipe looks great for those times you’d like to avoid it and just enjoy great flavours.

Adult Spaghettios – Bon Appetit/ Rick Martinez – This one made us smile as it’s trying to create a childhood favourite (they were called spaghetti hoops for us).  Sounds really tasty, although a lot of ingredients.

Poached Meatball Parm Casserole – My lavender Blues – I know this is another meatball/ Italian style dish, but could not resist it as it looks and sounds rich and full of flavour.  There are tips in the recipe to lighten it a little, if that is what you would prefer.

Lambs Kidneys With A Blue Cheese Sauce And Crsipy Onions – Valentine Warner – Another walloping rich, warming dish that sounds great.  We do not eat a lot of kidneys here, so would really like to give this one a go.

Thai Red Chicken And Pumpkin Curry – The Telegraph Food And Drink/ Diana Henry – As it’s pumpkin season, we had to get a recipe in using it.  This sounds spicy and delicious with a few more pumpkin recipes on the same page as well.

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