5 Ways To Brighten A Dark Hallway

As the Summer has been here, we’ve recently concentrated on outside jobs to improve the house, but with the nights drawing in and the temperatures starting to drop, we are now starting to think about the inside a little more.  We thought we’d start off big with  decorating the hallway and landings over the 3 floors.  It’s a big job, so will take some time, but we feel it is important as it’s the initial space you are greeted with when entering the front door.
The existing is hallway was dark, so one thing that has to happen is to lighten up the space.  We thought we’d share 5 ways in which we are going to do this:


  • We inherited the hallway with a dull yellow colour and the stairs were stained a very dark brown.  This needed lightening and we went for subtle off white colour (Rock Salt – Dulux) for the walls and satin white for the stairs, architraves and skirting boards.

  • As the walls are only a subtle difference to the white ceiling colour, it really gives a bright and airy feeling to the room.

  • You can obviously use wallpaper of a lighter colour to achieve similar results, but as we had such a large expanse to cover, we thought painting was the better option for us.
  • To had a bit of colour, we are going to add some pictures on the wall going up the stairs with possibly have a runner going up them as well.
  • What we would like to do is have the handrail a different colour to the white spindles of the stairs.  Maybe echoing the colour of the walls.

For more ideas on colour schemes, please click on the link below to see some more examples.

Entryways and Hallways – Pintrest

We will share a later post our process of lightening the darkly stained stairs to a lighter, brighter white finish.


  • We decided to go for a silk emulsion paint for the walls to try to add a little bit more reflectiveness off of the wall to bounce the light around a little more.  This might show up the imperfections a little more than matt but thought it was needed here.
  • This does also have the benefit of being able to be wiped down if dirty hands are out in the walls.
  • You could also opt for the light reflective paints on offer to utilise every bit of natural light you have.


  • This is a tried and tested way of making the space feel brighter and bigger by bouncing whatever light you have around the room.
  • Now, you can go for the double mirror on both sides of the room to really start bouncing the light back and forth across the room, but at the moment, we do have other plans for the adjacent wall.
  • We are looking for a silver framed mirror for added reflectiveness in this area.

(Mirrors add a nice way to make the rooms look and feel bigger and to bounce light around the space)

Light & Lighting

  • We will add better lighting to light up the space when the natural light is fading.  The existing lighting is old fashioned and dull, so we are looking for a more decorative light with better ability to apply light to certain areas/ furniture in the hall.

(Our old lighting that is not effective and old fashioned) 

  • When we picked our front door, we decided to have glazed panels at the side of the white internal door to maximise the natural light whilst still giving the amount of privacy we were after.
  • The loft conversion that the house had when we bought it luckily had a Velux roof light in it, but we felt the benefit of this was not enhanced enough as the ceiling in this areas was painted the darkish yellow as the walls were.  We’ve since painted this white to reflect as much of the natural light as possible.


  • Although we didn’t have to change this in our new house, a good way to brighten up a dark hallway is to change the flooring.  Whether that is to a brighter, lighter carpet or to change to solid or laminate floor, it can make a big difference.

As said, this is going to be a long, so things may change and develop along the way.  We’ll share the finished article when we get there.
For more tips on how to brighten your dark rooms, please click on the links below.

13 Ways To Brighten Up Your Dark Hallway – Houzz

Easy Ways To Make Hallways look Brighter And Bigger – Homedit

Please share any of your own tips or pictures on how you’ve brightened your own hallway.


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