How To Care For Wisteria

We love Wisteria and how it can be used to decorate your property to, in our mind, add kerb appeal to your house (How To Add Kerb Appeal To Your House).  We’ve not really had great success with growing them in the past at our old house, but luckily at the moment, the new Wisteria we’ve bought is faring well.

We’ve had quite a lot of jobs to tackle in garden the  of late to prepare to Autumn, Winter and next year and one of these was to tend to our Wisteria. As it seems to be doing so well at the moment, we thought we’d share with you our basic tips on tending to it to get the most out of the plant.


  • Ideally the plant likes a full sun aspect, but could be grown in partial shade, although it probably will not flower.  Our Wisteria gets quite a lot of  morning/ early afternoon sun as planted against an East facing wall.
  • Likes well drained and fertile soil.
  • Try to add compost if your soil is poor.
  • The hole should be dug so it as deep as the root ball of the plant, but to 2 or 3 times its width.
  • Be mindful of the size that the Wisteria can grow to in relation to other plants you have.
  • Ideally it is better to plant in Spring or Autumn


  • We’ve watered the plant quite regularly this summer and feeding it with tomato feed (liquid potash feed).  We dilute this down to use on the this plant though as it may be a little too strong in its normal concentration.
  • We may in the Spring add a layer of compost around the plant to give it some more nutrients for the new growth


  • As the plant has been growing well, we’ve had add some more wire runners up the front of our house to help support the Wisteria as it gets bigger.  Also, this helps us train the plant in the direction we would like it to go.
  • We use slim soft-tie wire (wire with a rubber casing on the outside) to support the plant and then either a small piece of this or garden string to loosely tie the new growth until it can support itself.
  • The wires are approximately 40cm – 50cm apart.


  • The rule of thumb when pruning is that in Summer (July – August) cut back the current year’s growth by 6 leaves.  This will encourage new flower buds rather than green growth.
  • Then in the Winter (January – February), cut the same growth back another 3 leaf buds ready for the new year’s growth.

 So, by tending to our Wisteria this way, we can hopefully encourage a lot more new growth and train it to grow across our house to add impact to the kerb appeal and soften it in the same process.

If we can keep going, maybe we can get as  impressive a plant as the one we found at a hotel we visited recently.

If you have a great tips for growing, caring and pruning Wisteria, please share them with us along with any pictures you may have.

For further tips on growing and caring for Wisteria plants, please click on the link below.

How To Grow Wisteria – Thompson & Morgan

Wisteria Pruning – RHS


2 thoughts on “How To Care For Wisteria

  1. foxtaylor says:

    We have a wisteria that we have left completely alone and it has quadrupled in size since we bought the house. It has travelled up the side of the house and completely covered the bedroom balcony and is now headed for the roof!! It’s actually kind of taking over, its roots burst into our septic tank and we are hoping that’s not a big deal lol


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