Top Recipes in August

It’s that time again to list the best recipes we’ve spotted on our social media and blogging feeds. We now look forward to the the process at the end of the month, collating the recipes whilst enjoying a few reds.  It’s fun but does makes you hungry!

Sophie’s plum jam makes an appearance in this list as its tasty and delicious.

Plum, Orange And Vanilla Jam – Sophisticated Homes – This is a really tasty jam with a few little twists to make it that bit more interesting.  Delicious.

Chicken And Chorizo Rice – BBC Food/ Rebecca Sargent – Now, we know this seems very simple, but at the moment we  have a thing for chorizo and this very tasty indeed.

Asian Seafood Salad With Yuzu And Sesame Dressing – Jamie Oliver – This looks like a really interesting tasty salad for the summer.

Salt And Pepper Pork With Quick Pickled Salad – Delicious Mag – We like these recipes. Quick abd simple, but look so tasty.  The pickled salad sounds like it will bring something different to it.

Caesar White Bean Burgers – Kelli Foster – The – We love the Caesar salad flavours, so love the idea of wrapping all those up into a burger!

Steak Sandwich – Delicious Australia – Simple, but looks meaty and really tasty.
Whole Sea Bass With Warmed Tomato And Citrus Salsa – BBC Food – We love Sea Bass, it’s one of our favourite fish dishes and with the tomato and citrus salsa, it sounds amazing.

Roasted Veg Vindaloo With Golden Gnarly Chicken Skewers – Jamie Oliver – This just sounds really tasty and the veg vindaloo is a great option for a meal to reduce your meat consumption.
If you like this collection of recipes, why not take a look at what we found over the previous months.

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