Time For A Change

How To Choose The Right Clock For Your Room

Sophie has a thing for clocks.  She loves them. There’s one in nearly every room in our house, but it was time for a change. Sophie had seen a new, ornate clock to enhance the living room more than the one that hangs there currently.

All looked promising, but sadly, Sophie has high standards and afraid the clock has not lived up to its promising pictures online and has had to be sent back. We thought we’d share with you what we look for to compliment a room and why this particular one did not cut the mustard.

(The new clock)

It’s not rocket science when choosing a clock for a certain room, but it’s also not just a case of picking anything, or just something that you like…….well, in our opinion anyway.  The clock has to fit in to room in terms of style, colour and size, so it can become more than just something that tells the time on the wall and more of a piece of art within that room.

Although in this instance, we didn’t get it spot on, the 5 main areas we usually focus on are:


  • Will the clock stand out in the room and be more of a focal point?
  • Do the colours match your walls?  Do you want them to?
  • Does the clock have nice accent colours to compliment the main colours in the room?

The colour of Sophie’s new clock is one of the reasons it didn’t fit the room. We didn’t want a clock with jarring accent colours that made it stand out too much.  We wanted something that had a slight tonal difference to the main colours on the wall, that our curtains and bookshelves already have.  The reason why it didn’t work was that the colours were too similar and the clock blended into the wall to the extent that it disappeared, which the colours in the online photo did not give the impression it would.

We wanted similar look to what we have elsewhere in the house.


  • Will the clock look out of place in the area you that thinking of?
  • Will it be seen in the location chosen?

This one was easy enough for us in this situation as we were hanging the clock in the same location as a previous one, so we already knew it would work in this particular place


  • The clock needs to be at the correct size to fit the wall it is going hang on or the table/ mantelpiece that it will sit on.  Proportion is everything!  If too big, it will be too dominant, too small and it will be lost.

The size of Sophie’s was perfect for where we wanted to place it as once again, we went for a similar size to the previous clock we had in this location.


  • Do the materials that the clock was made of fit the other furniture in the room?  For example, a room that has predominantly a brown, wooden furniture theme, may not be inclined to have a very modern, chromed finished clock placed in it, but this does obviously come down to personal preference and the clock itself.

Now, this is where Sophie’s new clock fell down as well.  We thought it be quite a heavy, imposing clock, but it was made out of lightweight almost MDF material, which didn’t give it a nice feel and made us think it was not worth the money we paid for it.

We were hoping it would be similar to another clock we have in house where it looks and feels sturdy due to the materials it’s made from.


  • This is similar to the materials section in that does your clock’s design fit in with the style that you are going for in the room?  Is it too old fashioned?  Too modern?  Once again, this is down to personal preference and what actual style you are going for.

The design for Sophie’s clock was great.  The detailed shapes that were cut out of it would cast a shadow on to the wall when the sun or indoor lights hit it, which would have looked great.

For more tips on picking the correct click for your house, click in the below links.

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You can’t win all the time and some of your decisions just don’t work.  This was a nice clock to look at, but the wrong colour for our room and with the materials it was made from, gave us the thought that it was not worth money and may not last.

Sophie is still looking (and will always be looking) for the next clock to add to our rooms in our house.

As always, please share you experiences and tips on anything to do with the interiors and homes.


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