Top Recipes In July

Another month has passed and we’ve viewed a lot of great recipes on social media.  We’ve completed our now regular monthly discussion over a few glasses of red to pick our favourite recipes this month.

This month, we’ve decided to add a few recipes from blogs we’ve seen and are following.

Cardamom Sweet Buns – Pediabites – It’s always nice when you come across something that you’ve not heard of or tasted before.  These sound really interesting and would love to give them a try.

Breakfast Banana Split – Cassie Smith/ BBC food – Sounds simple, but looks great.  We wouldn’t mind starting the day  with this dish.

Tulasi/ Basil Chicken Tikka. Home Alone Recipe! – – This recipe looks and sounds delicious.  

Baked Apples – Simon Rimmer – BBC Food – This is not something that we would normally try but looks boozy and delicious.

Steak Florentine Crostini – Style At Home -A nice and simple summer style snack.

Ice Cream Sandwiches – The – Rebecca Seal – This looks messy and bonkers (along with some other weird snacks in the peice), but it’s summer and looks fun to try.

Malaysian Vegetable Pickle (Acur Kuning) – Sophisticated Homes – Not going to apologise for being biased about putting one of our own in again!

Curried Chicken and Rice Salad – BBC – Justine Pattison – Sounds like a tasty salad for the summer.

Falafel Wraps With Grilled Veg and Salsa – Jamie Oliver – We love falafel and this recipe sounds delicious and with a bit more zing.

Barbecued Oysters With Garlic, Paprika and Parmesan Butter – BBC Good Food – Rosie Birkett – We are not big oyster lovers, but these look interesting, tasty and delicious.  We could be tempted!.

As with all our posts, please let us know and share your experiences if you do try any of these dishes.

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