How To Add Kerb Appeal To Your House

It’s not everyone’s idea of an essential part of a house, but we feel that great kerb appeal is a must for every home.  Over the last 2 years since we moved here, we’ve tried hard to improve the exterior of ours.  From changing the rotten, wooden windows that were painted an almost orange colour, to softening the, not so pretty, brickwork with plants.

So here are a few ways we’ve used to add kerb appeal to our house


When we bought the house, the one thing that really stuck out was the orange, rotten wooden windows.  Now, in an ideal world, we would have liked to have replaced these with wooden sash windows and painted them either and grey or sage, but with money, up keep and the colour of the bricks of our house becoming a factor, we went with UVPC.  Not what we originally what we had envisioned, but they are so much better than what was already there. At the same time we replaced the front door with a new black door to add contrast to the new white windows. We will eventually change or paint the garage doors the same colour as the front door to tie everything in.

We also had the fascias and soffits replaced at the same time to really revamp the front of the house.  A big expense and outlay, but it was something we felt really needed attention. 

Climbing Plants

To soften the front of the house, we’re trying to grow some climbing plants up the walls and train them to spread across the house.  Now, we’ve not had great success in the past with Wisteria at our old house, but although it’s still not established, our one here is looking nice and healthy.

For further advice and tips on how to train a Wisteria, please take a look at the video: How To Grow A Garden With Scarlet

Now, there are pros and cons to having climbing plants growing up over your property.  Namely that some can possibly damage the walls they are growing on.  For this reason, we have just stuck with the below varieties for now:

  • Wisteria
  • Clematis
  • Climbing Rose

For further reading on climbing plants and the effects they can have on your walls of your property, click on the link below:

10 Questions On Climbing Plants And Your Property – Property Surveying

Even though all our climbing plants are not quite established enough yet to give the grand impact that we would like, they are still already breaking up the vast expanse of brickwork and softening the front of the house.


We had baskets under our front window at our old house which was a nice and easy way to add instant colour throughout the year, so we thought we’d replicate it here, but on both front windows to add some balance.

With the baskets now in place, we can change the bedding through the season to keep that burst of colour or interest going throughout the whole of the year.  Bedding plants are generally not that expensive to get the required amount for a decent impact.

At the moment for our Summer bedding, we have plumped for:

  • Impatiens “New Guinea”
  • Lobelia
  • Trailing Fuschias

    In just the same way the the baskets can add instant colour, you can do the same with pots in varying positions around the front of the house.  For added interest, we have gone for a range of styled pots and plants dotted around the front so it’s not too regimented.


    Pots are also a very simple way to cover up those ugly, unwanted manhole covers in your garden.  Our plants are still quite young and unestablished, but when they grow, they will hopefully cover the ugly manhole along with having fuller plants being grown around it

    For further information on summer bedding plants, please take a look at the below video:

    Summer Bedding Plants – Jack Shilley


    Now, we know that trellis is there to support our climbing plants, but it still can do its bit in breaking up the expanse of brickwork with a different, softer material, especially when the plants are not yet established.  We have 2 types at the moment, both supporting some or our clematis.  You can paint (or buy) these in different colours as well to add even more impact, but we in this instance, decided to stay with the natural look.

      So, new windows aside, with a relatively small budget for pots, baskets, trellis, plants and flowers, we feel we have improved our house’s kerb appeal which will only improve with time as the plants establish themselve.  This with keeping the front garden looking neat and tidy will really and a wow factor to the way our house looks from the road…………..And yes, we need to do some weeding at front – a never ending job!

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