How To Add Colour, Character And Warmth To Your Room

Since we’ve moved to our new house in 2014, we’ve gone about slowly peicing together the way in which we’d like our new rooms to look and feel. We wanted it to be a change from the old furniture and colour scheme to feel fresh and new. The first room we thought we’d tackle was the living room/ dining room as we’d be spending most of our time there. But as we slowly went about creating the look of the new room, we realised that it needed a splash of colour, character and warmth as everything was getting too grey and bland, leaving it feeling cold. This in mind, we thought we’d share a few ideas we used to do this, whilst not necessarily changing the look and feel we were originally going for.


Now, a chair can get overloaded with cushions, but they are an easy (and can be a relatively cheap) way to add colour to your room. From bold accent colours to tonal variances of the main theme, you can pick them to be as jarring or as complimentary as you wish.

We decided to go with adding purple cushions to our living room to inject that much needed bit of colour that we felt still fitted in nicely with the ambience of the room.


As they are just small splashes of colour, you can be bolder with your choices, if you wish.

For further reading on choosing colours and how that affects your rooms, please click on the link below.

Tricks With Colour –

Curtains/ blinds

Curtains or blinds are also another way to add some much needed colour, character and warmth to your room. From being drawn or blinds down to being open, they can add a larger area of bold or complimentary colour to your room.

With our curtains/blinds, rather than go for a bold colour, we decided to go for a darker tone of grey with a velour texture to it. We thought it added more interest to the room, so in this instance, we opted for colour over pattern.


You can go for a patterned curtains fabrics as well and the general rule is if you have patterned furniture, cushions, you can go for a solid colour for a curtain and then vice versa.

For further reading on choosing the right curtains, please click on the link below.

How To Choose The Perfect Curtains For Your Room – House Beautiful


A simple way to add warm to a room is by using lighting. We always prefer to have side lights and lamps, rather than over head lighting, as in our opinion, it creates a cosier feel. Our overhead lights are more decorative than anything else (see the above picture).

We’ve varied the lamps we have in our living room by choosing different colours, heights and styles, but have tried to tie them altogether, in the most part, by having a similar lampshade with a different tonal shade to the wall colour. 

Occasional chairs

We also tried to add a little bit of character to our room by using carefully chosen different bits of furniture. We bought an occasional chair (see below) and added a table and lamp next to it to create a different area to sit in and relax away from the main sofas. Also, it does mean additional seating if you’re entertaining.


Adding ornaments and trinkets around the room is a quick and easy way to add colour and warmth to a room. Different textured objects and shapes can make it feel instantly more interesting, cosy and personal.

Now, we may change these over time and, in the instance below, fill the bookshelf with actual books, but we feel it’s better than having a bare bit if of furniture which also breaks up the expanse of grey.


Another easy way to add more colour to the room is to cover a blank wall with a picture or piece or art.

We found this print which had the same colours as the cushions we’d used already, so was a great way to tie everything together.

Feature wall

Whether it is a bright, colourful or texture feature wall with either wallpaper or paint, it is great way to change the feel and look of a room.

In our living room we chose to use a feature wall with different tonal colour to the main theme of the room and because it has texture to it, we feel it adds warmth and interest.

For a possible future project, as it is smaller room, we feel we can be bolder and more playful with using the below pattern

So, although our living room/ dining room is not entirely finished (will it ever be truly finished?), just by adding these elements, we feel we have already given it a more characterful, colourful and warmer feel.

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