Top 10 Recipes in May

What we may try to do here at Sophisticated homes is at the end of every month list the top 10 recipes we’ve seen through our various social media channels.  This means they are all in one place for people to view and try.  It’s only our preference, which was duly deliberated by Sophie and myself over a few glasses of wine.

Over the course of the coming months, we may come back to these lists to try some recipe review posts.

As it’s our first month, we’ve also placed Sophie’s simple burger recipe in here.  A little biased, I know, but it is our first month!

  1. Japanese Braised Pork Belly – CASA Veneracion
  2. Mint Mojito Pourover Coffee – Recipe 24/7
  3. Veggie Mexican Breakfast – Jamie Oliver
  4. Sophie’s simple burger recipe
  5. Steak and Potato Nachos – Your Secret Recipe
  6. Pea and Ham Soup – Rick Stein
  7. Shrimp & Scampi linguini – Cooking Channel/ Tyler Florence
  8. Spiced Chicken Pilaf With Mint Yoghurt – Delicious Magazine
  9. Strawberry Jam – Healthy Recipes
  10. Tequila and Lime Chicken – Nigella Lawson

Please share with us any recipes that you have seen recently or any on this list that you may have tried and the results you’ve had.

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