Easy To Grow Fruit & Vegetables

Now, we’re not saying it’s going to be The Good Life here at Sophisticated Homes, but we are trying to grow a few plants of fruit and veg this year before a possible project of creating some raised beds in the future to take it to the next level……….depending on wether we find a suitable location for them in the garden…….an ongoing discussion.

We’ve previously done this in the past at our old house on a slightly larger scale and had good results, so would like to try it again.  It’s fun tending to the plants to then have the reward at the end of the day as a tasty bonus, just by stepping out into your back garden.

We’ll share updates on how they are progressing and if we decide to add to this year’s numbers.

Earlier in the year, we had planned to start growing quite a few plants and vegetables from seed, but sadly some strong winds in April blew over our small, mobile green house and we lost the whole batch.  We’ll start this again either later on in the year or early next year, depending on what plants and vegetables we decide to go with.

So for now, although not the bumper crop we were originally planning on, we are starting off again on a very small scale with a few simple, easy growing fruit and vegetables that everyone can try to have fresh in your own garden:


  • This plant, compost and pot was only £13.  We’ve placed it against our back wall as it is the sunniest part of the garden (West facing brick wall). We’ll water it daily and feed with Tomato feed (a liquid potash feed) every 7 to 14 days. If there looks to be any frost still to come, we’ll keep it covered or move it inside.


Always try to water your Strawberries from the bottom and not from over the top as it may damage the crown of the plant.

For further viewing for more tips and ideas for larger scale growing, please click on the below video.


  • We have 2 varieties of these:
  1. Solanum lycopersicum – A semi bush variety ideal for snacks and salads
  2. Lycopersicon esculentum – Small and delicious cherry fruits, once again great for snacks and salads

We have also left these by our back wall (West facing) to get as much sun as possible.  Both varieties will be treated the same and watered daily (following the same tip as the Strawberries) and given some tomato feed every 7 to 15 days.  Protect both varieties from frost.

They like rich, fertile soil, but I think this year, we’ll just plant these into a tomato grow bag or a pot by the back wall and just support them (with Bamboo and string) when they get larger.


Remember to pinch out side shoots of your plant to focus its energy on producing flowers and fruits.

For further viewing for more tips and ideas for larger scale growing, please click on the below video.


  • Cucumis Sativus – This is a very reliable outdoor variety producing a heavy crop.

Much the same as the strawberries and the tomatoes, they need moist but well drained soil and feed regularly with a general purpose feed.  As these may well get quite big, we will transfer these into a larger pot and stake them for support in a similar way as the strawberries as they get heavier.


Pick regularly to promote more growth.

For further reading, please click on the link below.

Cucumis Sativus – Weekend Gardener


Runner Beans

Our daughter is also getting involved this year as she brought home a runner bean plant from school, so we’ll be giving this a try as well.  As it was from school, we’re not entirely sure in the variety of the plant.

These will also need fertile, well drained soil, but in a sunny/ semi shaded spot. We’ll grow then against a wall and can use large bamboo canes or possibly a trellis to take the weight of the plant.  Again, we’ll water frequently and feed with a general purpose solution every 7 to 14 days.



Try to pick the beans when they are around 15 cm in length and before the beans inside get plump as they will not taste as nice (stringy).  Also, picking the beans regularly will promote a longer lasting crop.


If you have any ideas on other easy to grow vegetables or have any pictures or videos of your experiences, please get in touch to share your results.

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